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Sleep at peace with a cozy and congenial bed 

After a long hectic and tiresome day at work, your body requires comfort and a night of sound sleep. There are times when despite the tiredness, sound sleep is not possible which ends up in cranky mornings. Relatable, right? A cozy bed plays an important role in deciding the quality of one’s sleep. An uncomfortable bed makes it difficult for us to attain a peaceful sleep. So today replace the bed online with a comfortable one from Modern Fancy Furniture at an unbelievable price. We just don’t offer top-notch highly contemporary beds, but beds that are the best and most affordable in the market. Want a single, double, or king-size bed? Buy it today online at Modern Fancy Furniture. A single bed for the stag or a double bed for the couple or even a king-size bed for a family, get the right one here. We also offer a wide range of beds with storage options so that our customers can tuck away bed linen, extra pillows, and linen. Get the fanciest and high chic designed bed nowhere apart from Modern Fancy Furniture. The bedroom speaks a lot and keeps it simple yet trendy as the bedroom needs to be vibrant and speak a lot about your personality. 

Bed sizes:

Beds come in different shapes and styles and even though they might look different and have different frame dimensions, the standard bed size for adults are the same. For adults, the width will determine the size of the bed. Look at the standard bed size below from narrowest to widest:

  • Single Bed: 90*200 cm
  • Double bed: 140*200 cm
  • Kind Size bed: 180*200 cm


Select the size carefully as per your wants. The most comfortable of all is the King Size bed. It’s spacious and suitable and provides extra comfort level. It is best for a large bedroom. It will be complimenting your huge room the best. A small single bed is best suited for a bachelor to rest after a hectic and tiring day. 

Things to keep in mind before buying online from us

With an ample amount of highly vintage beds, consider the following before getting yours. 

  • Size of your bedroom.
  • Size of the bed you want.
  • How many people do you want to accommodate? ‘
  • Want a single, double or king-size bed?
  • The material type you want your bed to be designed with.
  • The bed frame and color you want for your bed. 
  • The décor style of the bed you want. 
  • The level of comfortless you want for your bed. 


Opt for the latest design when you go through a certain design that will blend well with the rest of the interior and furniture to give your bedroom a classic chic look. Have a room with traditional décor, then you can choose a wooden bed with an intricate design. Have a room with contemporary modern decor then choose a wooden bed with an elegant and stylish design. You can also choose a bed from us which is spacey. You can avoid this way adding cabinets and extra furniture to your room if you want to keep it simple yet elegant. Browse through the wide category of beds at the best price we offer on our website. 


Modern Fancy Furniture offers you a wide range of beds from the poster and diwan to air beds. The beds are designed to keep our customers comfortable as our priority. We offer both foldable as well as storage beds. It comes in a wide range of designs and colors to choose from. 


Beds are available in different materials:

  • Wood: Select the type of wood you want for your bed. You can get it in teak, rubber, solid, Sheesham, mango, acacia, and engineered woods. Add charm to your traditional or modern classic bedroom with the best design and price on the market. 
  • Fabric: Add luxury to your bedroom with an upholstered leatherette or fabric bed. Get it nowhere apart from Modern Fancy Furniture. This type of fabric will suit your modern and contemporary bedroom style. 
  • Metal: Give your bedroom a touch of modishness to your bedroom with strong, sturdy, pattern metal beds from Modern Fancy Furniture. Get your metal bed today online with just a click and get it delivered to your residence. 


Select the material of your choice keeping your requirements in mind. Select the type depending on your accommodation. Select the design, color, and material very carefully as it plays a vital role. Beds are the center of attraction in your bedroom and if it’s not appealing then you will be failing to create a vibrant and attractive atmosphere. We offer the beds in wide color categories both bright and pastel hues. Purchase the best bed online at Modern Fancy Furniture. We assure you to get the most comfortable bed in town and affordable at the same time. 

Buying Beds Online from Modern Fancy Furniture

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