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Classic dining sets for adorning your house and making memories while munching.

The dining space of a house is one of the most astonishing spaces where memories are created. At the end of the day, a family sits together and shares the day’s highlights or gossip while munching food. A lot takes place over the dining space and hence a dining space should be lavish and beautifully created. Create a prepossessing dining room in your home by setting up and cultivating a dining set with ambient lighting with good pictures and indoor plants. 


The dining table set is not just a significant part of a dining space but it also has several other purposes and therefore has to be appealing to the eyes. Select a comfortable dining set that will accommodate the entire family during the meals. While selecting a dining set consider the theme and trend of your home. You can choose a dining set of the same color and pattern or even mismatch as per your trend and wants. Want a Bohemian or American theme-based dining table set? We have it all at Modern Fancy Furniture. Explore and get amazed by the wide range of designs no matter what type of home or apartment you live in. We have dining sets available with us to cater to the needs of our customers. We have dining sets with us for both contemporary and traditional homes.

Choose from a variety of dining set Designs at Modern Fancy Furniture 


Every Home décor at home needs to be beautifully created with the latest trend to adorn your home as your home is a reflection of your personality. At Modern Fancy Furniture we offer customers a wide range of dining table sets. The set is not only comfortable but enhancing the beauty of your home. The type of dining table we offer are Modern Dining Table set to transform your décor with a modern dining set, a Mid-century dining set, transitional dining set, contemporary dining set with different patterns, and traditional dining set to give a Victorian look to industrial dining set made of metal and coarse structure. 

Different types and number of dining sets are available Online available at Modern Fancy Furniture


Material plays a vital role in any furniture as it speaks about durability and sustainability. The sumptuous range of dining sets available at Modern Fancy Furniture is made of exceptional materials, be it made of wood, marble, glass, or metal. The products offered by us have been carefully crafted with the utmost care, keeping in mind the need and safety of the customers. The dining sets are available in a wide range of colors that will complement the ambiance of your home. We have both wooden and metal dining set available with us in Modern Fancy Furniture. A wooden dining set looks exquisitely lavish offered in different woods while a metal one is the best alternative for homes wanting to skip a wooden dining table.  


Select a dining table set based on the number of seats.  At Modern Fancy furniture, we have sets available for all types of families, whether small or large. Customers can buy dining sets online as follows:

2-seater dining set: It is most suitable for a small family of two members that can be set either in the kitchen or balcony.

4-seater dining set: It is ideal for a small family made of either wooden or glass. 

6-seater dining set: It is ideal for a medium to large to medium family size. 

8-seater dining set: Apt for a joint family with or for those who host parties. Customers can opt for all chairs and table sets or a table and two benches.  


Things to choose before buying Online at Modern Fancy Furniture

Choosing the perfect dining set for your home is not much of a big deal but due to the ample amount of designs, you might get confused. To avoid confusion and waste time consider the following things before getting the perfect dining set online:

  • Measure the size of the room before selecting the table so that you understand the size and type of dining set that your dining space can accommodate. 
  • After you know the size of the room, decide the size of the table so that it fits in your dining space perfectly. 
  • Consider the shape of the table you want as shapes are important to maintain the balance in your décor and room spacing. 
  • The design and color of the table play a vital role as it decides whether the dining set is a win or fail. If your dining set fails to complement your room décor, it’s going to fail to impress. So select the color and design appropriately. 
  • Material plays an important to ensure the longevity of the dining set. 


Why buy online from Modern Fancy Furniture?

At Modern Fancy Furniture you get a wide range of exquisite and exclusive dining sets. From chic designs to top-class quality, we offer reasonable sets. Explore a wide range of designs and buy online at Modern Fancy Furniture.  Filter your demands in the filter section and explore it all. Moreover, the mode of payment is easy as well, you can pay in either cash, debit or credit card, or even say PayPal. It is hassle-free and with just a click get your products delivered home. So wait no more and purchase today. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • Which Dining set is better, glass or wood?

Although a glass top dining set looks modern and porch, a wooden dining table set never goes out of style and is best suited for all home themes. 

  • Which dining table shape, rectangle or round takes up more space?

A round table is perfect for a chatty family and takes up little space while on the other hand rectangular dining tables offer more seats and take up more space and is ideal for joint families were no talking while eating norms are followed. 

  • What dining table is best suited for a small space?

For a small and cozy space, an oval table is best as it creates an illusion of less utilized space due to round corners.